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of america's great past crimes. today it was much more than a game at boston's fenway park. good evening. i'm in for ama daetz who is on assign independent boston. with the sole surviving boston bombing suspect in custody in the hospital and in deep trouble, boston is trying to get back to normal. we begin with the latest developments in the boston bombings. we have a first look at the last moments of freedom for the second suspect. massachusetts police just released these images today. they show dzhokar tsarnaev wounded and widing in a boat just moments before he was captured yesterday. ♪ sweet caroline. >> neil diamond sang his "sweet caroline" a song sung at red sox home games. a sense of pride and loss emanated from the crowd. ama daetz joins us live from boston tonight with the story of a city's strength. >> ama: i'm standing here at one of the barricades on boylston street, and just to my right here is the area that been shut down all week after the bombings monday morning. today, saturday, boston is coming back alive, now that the second beening suspect has been captured. >> won't
: breaking news, red sox versus kansas city royals game, which was supposed to happen tonight at fenway park has according to mlb, been postponed, red sox and kansas city royals came postponed. you cannot bring in that many people into fenway park when you have someone just a few miles down the road in watertown still on the loose, there is too much tentativeness. we'll kiev you developed on this. the bruins and the pe pen pengu, that game is supposed to be held tonight but we're still awaiting word, but it is very doubtful. it is not a good idea to bring that many people into one place where this guy could slip in suspect number 2 still on the loose, dzhokhar tsarnaev 19 years old of chechen decent, his brother was killed over night, but still, you cannot have someone like that still on the loose, watertown is still far from where downtown boston is it and fenway park but you cannot take that chance. scott, you would think we soul sewouldsee a real flight to cal, is that something to focus on right now? >> i think 10-year treasury has been strug serum for last 6 to 8 weeks, it is telling us
, watertown, massachusetts. >> that was at fenway park yesterday and people were still cheering police whenever they bump bumped into them. >> as they should. that was an inkrenl effort. >> london's marathon is happening this morning. more than 35,000 people will pass some of the world's most famous landmarks. >> runners honored a moment of silence for the victims. they wore black ribbons in their honor as well. here's a clip of that from the bbc. >> our senior international correspondent matthew chance is live near the tower bridge in london this morning. let's talk about all the extra security. what's being done to ensure the safety of the hundreds of thousands of people out today? >> reporter: quite a lot according to the police force in lond london. they say they have stepped up the number of uniformed patrol officers by 40% compared to last year. but i have to say, you're not seeing a lot of police in uniform along the streets here in central london with the tens of thousands of runners running through the track right here. and the hundreds of thousands of spectators that have com
about safety, 37,000 poured into fenway park to show the world they are boston strong. >> we are one. we are boston. we are strong. >> support that filled the stands with victims, volunteers and first responders on the field. a moment of silence followed by a very loud display of unity and determination. ♪ the home of the brave >> reporter: boston strong, a clear sign the city is beginning to heal. and for the record, the sox won 4-3 after a late inning home run. really a fitting end to an emotional and important day in the city. live in boston, back to you now. >> there's also word tonight the younger suspect kept up what appeared to be a norpal life after the bombings, went to school and attended one party in his dorm last week. witnesses say he was relaxed and show no sign of trouble and friends joked after seeing photos of the suspect that it looked like their dorm buddy but never imagined it was him. this photo was released shows authorities searching the suspect after 24 hours on the run. here's a time line of the events that led to yesterday's resolution. at 10:30 thursday night
at fenway park. well, this week, the nation adopted some of those traditions and it's helping the city move forward. today, boston looked the same, but it is not the same. children still flocked to mrs. mallard and her ducklings in the public garden, but parents are not as carefree. rich and and yvonne brought 2-year-old dylan with a mixture of relief and reservation. >> it just felt wrong that this happened to us. >> reporter: at fenway park -- >> get your free believe in boston flag with today's program! >> reporter: going to today's red sox game was an act of defiance. >> we don't back down. >> we were all talking about that last night, regardless of what happens today we're going to come to the game anyway. we just don't want those types of activities to run our lives. >> reporter: today people weren't just red sox fans, they were boston fans. like bo griffin who brought his family from south carolina. >> believe in each other and we care for each other and boston is strong, it's symbolic of that, whether we're from south carolina or massachusetts. >> reporter: even the team itself show
the man who found the suspect in his boat. and at fenway park, the players joined by the runners and the first responders. ♪ sweet caroline >> boston is back. >>> good evening. thanks for joining us on a very busy saturday night. on this day when a millions of bostonians emerged from their police-ordered hibernation, we are getting extraordinary new images from the capture of suspect number two. take a look at this shot from a state police helicopter, equipped with a thermal camera. that dark form right there in the back of the boat, that, police say, is 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. here it is from another angle. you can clearly see the suspect lying down in the back of the boat. look at this, the police send in a vook rigged with a robot arm to tear off the cover of the boat. tonight tsarnaev is being treated in the same hospital as many of the bombing victims themselves. we have team coverage from boston all the way to russia. we start with our chief investigative correspondent, brian ross. he's outside the hospital. brian? >> reporter: good evening. the headlines say the n
much. >>> it's one of the most visible signs that boston is beginning to heal. right now fenway park is alive with red sox fans cheering on their home team and their hometown. john berman, who is a boston red sox fan, joins me live at the ballpark. john, i will say that i have no problem rooting against the kansas city royals. so i'm with you in spirit today. >> jake, i think everyone is with us in spirit today. i think everyone is a red sox fan today. behind me in fenway park at this moment, a special pregame ceremony happening right now. they just played hall lieu ya and put images up on the screen. it was incredibly moving. they are paying tribute right now to the first responders and law enforcement officials here in the city. in some ways, the red sox sort of bookend this incredible week that's happened here in boston. the red sox played on patriots day last monday. the game let out, the team left, fans streamed out of here and shortly after that is when the bombings happened at the finish line of the marathon. the red sox left and went on a road trip. they haven't played a home
you this at the top of the hour, fenway park. this is one of the most visible signs that boston is beginning to heal. right now, fenway park is alive with red sox fans cheering on their home team and their hometown. the world is cheering on boston and the red sox. poppy harlow joins me live at the ballpark. poppy, would i want to be the team that beats boston now? >> reporter: i do not think you would, don. all is fair in love and war in professional sports i suppose, but i don't know, this is a city, a country rooting for the boston red sox. this is the first home game since the bombing at the monday marathon. they have a tradition of having a morning home game before the marathon on monday and then running the marathon. and it is this entire citywide celebration. this is the first time back at fenway. want to show you this poster. people walking in holding this, boston strong. and you see from the video all of the people extremely excited and proud to be bostonians. special ceremony before the game today. the entire crowd sang the national anthem together, in unis unison, show
are now off the street. believe in boston at fenway park, it was hard not to be part of the red sox nation today. the heroes of boston this weekend, everybody wearing a police uniform. they're the ones who hunted. motorcade left boston medical center and brought his body out we snaked through alice and back lots to get to within a couple hundred yards of the boat. during negotiations, there was a word of reassurance. and an appeal to someone they knew was in pain. as we shot this exclusive video, police rushed us, saying we were in the crossfire zone. >> clear out, okay? come on, i said please. >> reporter: it was just minutes later that police captured tsarnaev. he had lost blood, was weakened. the entire neighborhood had been on lock down, residents terrified as law enforcement went door to door. after the standoff, we spoke with neighbors. here on cypress street, this is one of the houses where police were combing through the neighborhood, looking for the suspect. this is eddie beck's house, he took us through what it was like when s.w.a.t. teams came through here. >> they came in. they
at fenway park. red sox fans pay tribute to the resolve of all those who responded to the attack. an and a boston marathon champion eow in london with a message of resilience as she gets ready for her next marathon tomorrow. >> you can't live your life in fear. i mean, anything could happen anywhere. re captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. "we are boston, we are strong, we are boston strong"-- that was the message of an emotional ceremony at fenway park before the boston red sox game this afternoon and the feeling throughout the city after the capture of dzhokar tsarnaev, suspect number two, in the boston marathon bombing. here's the latest. tsarnaev is in serious condition in the hospital, under heavy tard. he is unable to talk to investigators, we are told. no charges have been filed yet. s bombing victims are still in hospitals, six are critical. 12 victims are at beth israel, where tsarnaev is also being treated. we have team coverage tonight, beginning with dean reynolds. >> reporter: when a watertown neighbor
spoke outside of fenway park after attending a pre-game ceremony. and red sox fans got a sweet surprise at the game last night. ♪ 1."so good so good so good" neil diamond surprised fans and sang 'sweet caroline' which has been a fenway park favorite since 2002. there was a pre-game ceremony honoring the victims and survivors of the bombings. red sox designated hitter david ortiz took part in the pre-game ceremony. showing pride for his city. ."this past week" >> this does not say red sox the says boston! (cheers & applause) we want to thank the entire police department for the great job that they did. >> the jerseys worn during the game last night will be auctioned off for a fund to support victims of the bombing. >> take a look outside it is going to be gorgeous. janu? >> absolutely, it is going to be gorgeous. even warmer than yesterday. toward temperatures are sitting right now. still, some 40's with the bottle, napa. and still mid '50s in the -- novado widespread 70's. as the go for this afternoon, take a look at the orange. where we're going to see those 80s. and for those headed
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at fenway park right now. what they're calling a new boston tradition. it is a remarkable tribute to the law enforcement folks and to the fans out there today and to the people of the marathon. we're going to bring that you moments away. stick around for that. it's very special and we'll bring that to you. also right now, there are armed guards who are standing outside the hospital room of the suspected boston marathon bomber. coming up, a moment by moment look at how all of this extraordinarily went down last night. >> they've got them! both of them! yeah! [ cheering ] yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her... no. no! no. ...likes 50% more cash. but i don't give up easy... do you want 50% more cash? yes! yes?! ♪ [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase, plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people
and nowhere in boston today did the city's relief and pride show more than at fenway park. it was hard not to be part of the red sox nation today. the heroes of boston this weekend, everybody wearing a police uniform. they're the ones who hunted down and arrested dzhokhar tsarnaev. while they celebrated at fenway, police cars lined the streets today to pay respects to the m.i.t. officer killed thursday night allegedly by his brother. sean collier's body was delivered by motorcade to wilmington, massachusetts. tonight, new information about tsarnaev, straight from the hospital where he is in serious condition. if this bombing suspect has anything to say, lit have to wait. officials are saying that the 19-year-old college student has injuries to his throat and for now cannot talk. he was finally surrounded and taken down in a neighborhood in watertown, just outside of boston. but he did not go quietly. brian todd has details for you. >> reporter: as he was cornered, he engaged police with gunfire. it went on for several minutes and police lobbed in flash bang percussions to stun him. in
right field and he is at the wall. >> as the red sox return to action at fenway park the city of boston is returning to normalcy while the bone surviving suspect is under armed guard at a boston hospital. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. >> the world now waits for the lone surviving suspect in the boston bombings to answer the looming question, why? tonight 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev is in a boston hospital unable to speak, heavily sedated with serious injuries and armed guard at his bedside. today the massachusetts state police released infrared images of the teen hiding in a boat in a backyard from watertown blocks from where his older brother died with a gunfight with police. tamerlan was run over by a car and his younger brother drove towards officers as they were trying to handcuff the 26-year- old. the uncle fears that the 26- year-old brother may have convinced hill to take part in the bombing plot. >> i'm relieved that he is alive, first of all for that there is now a chance to find out who was behind it? second of all, i stress that there is a chance fo
:00. >> a lot of people have were out there. >> they were, if you have been n to fenway park, that's the cathedral for them. and to gcaet the rare 11:00 staa that happens once a year forfor patriots day.triots yesterday when they played thiss game against the tampa bay raysa they won in dramatic fashion inh the bottom of the 9th inning and fenway as it always does, i rocks. it was a great win for the red d sox yesterday, the sad part ofof this is only 15 minutes after this game ended yesterday andayn only about a mile away from fenway park is where that firsts bomb went off.t off. so you're talking about a very close knit sports community andd town in general.to in it's not very far. you can go right from fenwayfenw park, and make your way over tor the marathon which is what a lot of the people do in this instance. you know with have seen an outnt pouring from sports people insp the last 24 hours, teddy bruschi who is a famed linebacker forker the patriots, he was in betweenw where the two bombs went off, because he had a bunch of of runners in the marathon. sanders had finished th
" there, fan favorite in boston's fenway park but last night played at yankee stadium to honor the victims of marathon attack and to salute boston's resilient spirit. diamond responded on twitter telling the yankees, "you scored a home run in my heart." >>> massachusetts native mark wahlberg appeared on "jimmy kimmel live" last night expressing his grief and frustration over the boston bombing. wahlberg told kimmel he's grateful his family and friends were spared and that he's ready and willing to do what he can for the victims. >> we have some people that we know that were affected by it, and, you know, we just got to do everything that we can to help those families, and obviously we have to do everything we can to start protecting our women and children and people in our country. i just wanted to rush home today and hug my kids, and, you know, it's a crazy world that we're living in. >> wahlberg added a request that everyone pray for the victims. >>> all right, and here is the cover of the new "sports illustrated," maybe the defining image of the boston marathon attack. three police offi
suspect in the marathon bombings and the town is trying to recover. they're playing at fenway park, boston red sox after postponing friday's game. but the investigation continues. now that the surviving suspect is in custody at a boston area hospital, however, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev did not give up without a fight. [ gunfire ] he and police exchanged gunfire as tsarnaev held police at bay in a watertown, massachusetts backyard. here is a cbs news photograph. he used a boat to shield himself in the final standoff. police say he was wounded, covered with blood. he was rushed to the hospital where he is now under guard. earlier we got the inside story on how the capture went down. wolf blitzer talked with the police chief of watertown in a revealing conversation. let's take a brief listen. >> we had a couple thousand police officers on scene. the turnout was incredible, the support from the state and the region. we had the tactical people to close that seam down and secure it. we did take our time to make sure that everybody was safe in the neighborhood. and eventually used flash bangs
over the bay area. >>> flags flew at half-staff at fenway park today. the boston red sox paid tribute to the victims of the boston marathon bombings before today's home game. ♪ and the home of the brave [ applause and cheers ] >> an emotional moment before the first pitch. the red sox honored first responders today by wearing new uniforms. the team name was replaced with one word, boston. >>> developing news in southern california. a large fire burning near the san gabriel mountains has forced residents out of their homes. at least 100 homes in monrovia are under evacuation orders. one firefighter on scene suffered heat exhaustion. the fire scorched 90 acres today and it is only 10% contained. >>> celebrating earth day early in the bay area. still to come, a big change in store for shoppers on the peninsula. >> leave the eagle at home. stop projecting yourself on to your kids. i know it's hard to do. leave your ego at home. >> little league games suspended after a shooting. next, the parents and coaches who promised a zero tolerance policy for bad behavior. >> what a fantastic weath
no-hitter buchholz for the boston red sox this afternoon in fenway park. third, mikem of the napoli almost hits it out of the park, finds the deepest part of fenway. two runs score, red sox lead 2-0. top half of the seventh, fire, gets jose molina looking for strike three. strikeout of the afternoon for clay, no-hitter in tact johnson spoils the party in new england with a single. temporarily5-0 and stays in first place in the a.l. east. the seasont major of features the images of the augusta national golf club. the only one of the four major that is never changes golf courses and produces the special back nine roars which are very much in progress as the network telecast final round ofe the masters. that's why we can't show you highlights right now. jason day and adam scott are in the lead down the stretch at augusta. tonighte on the masters at 11:00 p.m. sparked by controversy before the green flag dropped, the cup series race in texas received criticism for letting the national rifle association purchase the sponsor rights for the spring race in state.e star on the track, no one
day, the red sox play a morning game at fenway park in boston. joining us now, i'd love to bring into the discussion is mike barnacle, long time sports writer, msnbc contributor who was at the game today. >> i was. >> this is one of the strangest days in history, patriot's day alienates the rest of the country anyone, it's a boston only holiday. >> tough day, hard day. a community day, a community of interest, people from all around the world come here, as you indicated the red sox play at 11:00 a.m. it concludes, depending on the length of the game as the stralg of marathoners come down to the finish line. 35,000 people in fenway park, hundreds of thousands along the marathon route and on boylston street. it's a school holiday, school vacation week, people standing there ready to cheer on their relatives, their friends, their wives, their husbands, significant others who are running for causes as dispa at as cancer, muscular dismetro fee. and it's a small city, small downtown, walkable city. i talked to one particular young man, a hour, andrew, eyewitness, he was standing in fro
for that report. >>> and fenway park reopened for the first time since monday's bombings here in boston creating just an awesome day for a city that really needed it. we have all the highlights up next. >> go red sox. mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004. the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. [ male announcer ] a car that can actually see like a human, using stereoscopic cameras. ♪ and even stop itself if it has to. ♪ the technology may be hard to imagine. but why you would want it... is not. the 2014 e-class. it doesn't just see the future. it is the future. >>> so yesterday baseball returned to boston. and to some the reopening of fenway park, the green monster, signifies that things were beginning to get back to normal. cnn sport s an
they were honored at fenway park and mentioned by president obama earlier this week. >> to watch it and to feel it and people finding their legs. we want to begin with the investigation into the boston marathon bombings. we're getting a new look at the final moments before the suspected bomber was captured. infrared video shows them moving inside the boat. a little later an explosion of a flash grenade is seen going off before agents took him into custody. federal charges could be filed against him as soon as today. now our national investigative correspondent michael isikoff continues to cover the story from boston. he is standing by now with the very latest. michael, good morning. good to see you. >> we could be learning a lot more about the boston marathon bombing when federal prosecutors file those criminal charges possibly as early as this morning, laying out some of the government's evidence against the surviving 19-year-old suspe. but, meanwhile, questions are mounting about how much the fbi knew before the bombing about his older brother, and alleged accomplice and whethe
almost never happens. but it was definitely deserved on friday. and on saturday at fenway park, the emotions hit a crescendo as the victims were remembered. then david big poppy ortiz delivered this mention to his city. >> this jersey that we wear today, it doesn't say red sox. it says boston. we want to thank you, mayor menino, governor patrick, the whole police department for the great job that they did this past week. this is our city. and nobody going to -- >> and the fenway faithful got ready for the eighth inning anthem sweet caroline. this time done by neil diamond. ♪ touching hands ♪ reaching out ♪ touching me touching you ♪ sweet caroline ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ good times never seemed so good ♪ ♪ so good so good ♪ i've been inclined >> i love that song! we bring in legendary sportscaster and nbc's own bob new myer. i have to start with you. we saw big poppy, we saw the sweet caroline moment. it feels right. new england and boston have a special relationship with the red sox. i think they are the sporting heart of the city and the region. nothing against the c
, it's like you feel like you're hitting a home run at fenway park because the roar is deafening. and the crowd is like ten people deep, often. so whoever did this knew that where they were placing these weapons, these bombs, they knew that they were going to try to maximize their casualties because this is where the crowds republican. >> david in terms of the first blast and then the second blast. it must have been so disor yenting to be so close to the first one. even if it were the noise alone, that's a disor yenting thing, was it clear that there were two separate explosions, or did you think it was a shock wave? >> no it was clear. it sort of felt to me, someone who covered the attacks on september 11th, like, you know, at first, when you heard the first blast before -- before the smoke cleared, and you could sort of see the damage, there was this disor yenation that sort of felt like you're not quite sure, and then suddenly when the second blast occurred, it was seven seconds later, it was like when the second plane hit the world trade center, you knew immediately that this
the attacks at the boston marathon, the city of boston slowly returning to some kind of normal. fenway park was back in action on saturday with the first game since monday's bombings. it wouldn't be a game at fenway without a rendition of "sweet caroline" in the eighth inning. saturday was in exception. aside from the little surprise songwriter neil diamond showed up and volunteered to lead the crowd in the tradition. ♪ sweet caroline ♪ good times never seem so good ♪ ♪ i've been inclined ♪ to believe they never would but now i look at the night ♪ ♪ we don't seem so lonely >>> well, that special day at fenway was a beautiful tribute for one fund boston which is raising money for victims. take a look. >> nothing can defeat the heart of the city. because we take care of one another. ♪ >> this is our city. >> it's a glorious thing. this is boston. >> wow. that video was put together by nick and collin barnicle, sons of msnbc contributor mike barnicle. the boston spirit was easy to find outside fenway park, too. people returned to areas close to the bombings. >> we're very stron
" update, i'm cassidy hubbarth. have a great morning. >>> the red sox lost to the orioles at fenway park, was not a sellout. >> that ends the longest home sellout streak in major pro-sports history. they played before packed houses for 820 consecutive games. a milestone. >>> up next "the pulse" and prove that "tonight show" host likes us, likes watching this newscast apparently. >> we'll tell you all about it. >>> plus, getting love and attention, where this dog was rescued at is pulling at the heartstrings of one town. >>> why could her days as a supermodel be over? soulmate. husband. loving father to your children. but first you've got to get him to say, "hello." new crest 3d white arctic fresh toothpaste. use it with these 3d white products, and whiten your teeth in just 2 days. what will a 3d white smile do for you? new crest 3d white toothpaste. life opens up when you do. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec-d®. powerful relief of nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms -- all in one pill. zyrtec-d®. at the pharmacy counter. and got this one free. wow! [ tires scr
-season play at fenway park. it ended at 820 games after 10 years. >>> in chicago, a goat head was sent to cubs owner in wrigley field. there was no note but cubs players and fans are all familiar with the billy goat curse that some believe has kept them out of the world series. it was placed on the team back in 1945 when a restaurant owner was asked to leave for bringing a goat to the ballpark. the cubs are 4-4 this season. >> announcer: "early today" sports is brought to you by just for men mustache and beard. keep your edge. >>> just ahead, where will today's wicked weather crop up? dylan's forecast is next. >>> plus, it just might be the easiest $7 million katy perry ever earned. we'll tell you how. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning, welcome back. we're looking at a pretty average weather going on across seattle and portland. right now, starting off in the mid-40s. we've got 50s down across california. a couple of light showers in the pacific northwest. it shouldn't be all that heavy. even portland will see improvements by the afternoon. san francisco, 64 degrees today. l.a. s
. >>> in baseball, impressive red sox streak is over. the team had claimed to sell out fenway park for 820 consecutive games. that includes 794 regular season games and an additional 26 in the postseason. well, that all came to an end last night against the orioles. could the sox at least walk away with a win? jump to the top of the ninth. this should have sold out. this was a great game. home run by machado, batting for the o's with two men on. deep to the left for a three-run homer. orioles go on to win 8-5. to seattle where one thirsty fan didn't let a baseball get in the way of his drinking habits. see what he does with this foul ball. he got it. then he drinks the beer with the the ball in it. a well deserved standing ovation from the crowd. and a watered down souvenir. kobe bryant single handedly keeping the lakers playoff hopes alive. scored a season high 47 points in last night's 113-106 victory over the trailblazers. think he wants to miss the playoffs? it puts them a full game up on utah jazz for the eighth and final spot in the western conference race. coming up at the top of th
york fans are normally ridicule bostonians for the eighth inning traditional song at fenway park, sweet caroline. not tonight. look at this gesture by new york. >>> great stuff tonight. but the song they always say in boston. and the athletics are leading the astros in the night. it got a final? >> survey says? >>> find out at 11. ,, look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
caroline" the popular fenway park sing-along by neil diamond. ♪ sweet caroline >> that really hits the heart there. >>> meanwhile ground crews in denver spent hours clearing away snow at coors field so the rockies and mets could play a doubleheader after the game was postponed by the snow. >>> and former nfl player and legendary broadcaster pat summerall has died at the age of 82. he was best known for his television partnership with john madden. he was best known for his 40 years of nfl play-by-play including 16 super bowls. he'll be missed. >> announcer: "early today" sports is brought to you by touch of gray. get rid of some gray never all. >>> just ahead, dylan dreyer joins us with your wednesday weather forecast. >>> nbc terrorism analyst clint van zandt on the leads in the boston bombing investigation. >>> meet the heroes who stepped up and stood out to help those most in need. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning and welcome back. a lot of rain and a lot of snow in most parts of the country out there right now. with the chance of about 6 to 12 inches of snow today
know the neil diamond modern-day classic "sweet caroline" is the anthem of fenway park. over the past 24 hours as a show of respect and support for boston, the song has been played at baseball games across the country. nowhere was it more impactful than when they played it at yankee stadium. just calling the house that ruth built normally angers sox fans. last night the yanks were playing their song. >>> when we come back, making a difference with some very good dogs providing much-needed comfort to the people of boston. >>> this is the corner of boylston and berkeley streets in boston where a memorial has sprouted up about a block from where the bombings took place. it was started by a man from cape cod wanting to express his sadness. folks saw it. they have been stopping by all day dropping off flowers and cards. a lot of the signs we have seen feature the slogan of the moment in that city -- boston strong. >>> finally tonight our making a difference report. we have seen it all too many times lately. they are a welcome sign when they arrive on the scene -- the therapy dogs who show
. so i'm glad they got this guy. >> at fenway park the red sox game began with a moment to honor the victims of the bombings. >> won't you join us as we observe a moment of silence. >> this first home game since monday's bombings was a special one. >> had a big ceremony before hand, had all of the volunteers of the boston marathon there, firefighters, mayor, all that kind of stuff. very moving, actually. i think dish dent know if there was a dry eye in the place. >> then there was this... ♪ sweet caroline note woo woo woo. >> and neil diamond came and sang sweet caroline, huge supplies. it was a blast. >> after a week of terror, this is exactly what boston needed. warren grew up in sacramento, already family in the bay area was worried about her. >> i got a tex monday making sure i wasn't at the marathon. and then the texted me yesterday making sure i stayed inside. so they have been checking up. >> and lauren, like the rest of boston, is doing much better now. after all, they're boston strong. >> and the energy was just incredible at fenway. they were passing out stickers that
. hello. >> on that note, boston returned to fenway park. we will share with you the heart warming sights and sounds, next. also, the warriors back in the postseason for the first time in six years. on the road and facing the best home team in the nba. we are live in denver after a heart breaking round one game one for one team, coming up next. >>> you know the warriors recorded 47 wins and made the playoffs this season. greater than most expected when they began back in october. the reward was earning a six seed and facing denver nuggets in round one and lost only three games their entire season. the warriors first postseason game. andrew bogus, the only starter with playoff experience. making a poster. nuggets down four. the fourth quarter, warriors down seven. david leelanding awkwardly. he went to the free-throw line and got both. he left with a hip strain. mri tomorrow. curry turning it over. tye lawson on the other end. nuggets up by three. curry looking for redemption, he gets it from behind the three-point line. that is good. tied game with 15 seconds left. the nuggets with the la
and how the city is staying strong through it all. >> after a solemn moment at fenway park, the red cross and fans told the world they were finished living in fear. >> this is [ bleep ]. >> less than 24 hours ago it was much different feeling. the intense manhunt for dzhokar tsarnaev came to a close. hours after his older brother was killed in a shootout. they discovered him hiding and bleeding in a boat. >> we have a movement in the boat. >> in an exclusive interview with abc news, a neighbor of the boat owner described the chaos. >> had been yelling, joe, get out, get out. >> he is unable to communicate with a heavy police presence surrounding his hospital room. >> we have a million questions and those questions need to be answered. >> the brothers came to the u.s. and became athletes and attended top boston schools. then after spending several months in russia, tamerian urged jihad and dzhokar tsarnaev posted anti-american tweets. the people of boston are finally >> we're going to get right back up again. >> in a sign of unity today, the entire crowd at red sox game they sang the natio
. >> reporter: and this afternoon at fenway park -- one of the first large public events since monday's bombing -- bostonians show that life here is getting back to normal. >> so good, so good, so good. >> reporter: while the focus these past two days has been on the hunt for these brothers -- it is important to note that in hospitals across this city, 57 people are still fighting to recover from traumatic injuries received the day of the bombing. in boston, i'm stacey cohan reporting. >> federal agents are confirming that the f-b-i did interview the older brother, tamerlan tsarnaev in 2011, after being tipped off by a foreign government. the suspect identified himself as ethnic chechen from southern russia and officials there believed tamerlan was going to travel to the country's region to join unspecified underground groups. the fbi says it interviewed tsarnaev and relatives, and did not find any domestic or foreign terrorism activity. meanwhile, tsarnaev's uncle says he had a falling-out with the 26-year-old over his increased commitment to islam. as authorities continue to dig into the accu
came in fenway park yesterday. this in the wake of the marathon bombings. that was wicked awesome. >> special moment. we have learned this morning that the boston bombing suspect will be appointed a federal public defender once charges are filed. >> those charges could be filed soon. even though he remains in the hospital unable to talk this morning. we're joined this morning by cnn legal analyst and former new york prosecutor paul callahan. how does this affect the situation? if it he can't speak, is that likely to delay the process? >> it probably will delay the process, but the issue is not so much whether he can speak or not. he may have throat problems as of what went down. the real question is does he understand what's going on around him? the law says he has to be competent and that means e he has to understand the charges against him and assist in his defense. obviously, there are people who are born without the ability to speak and they can still be charged with crimes. so the real issue is what can he understand, what can he perce e perceive? that's a medical question.
sox fans sing at fenway park. >> even the yankees. >> let me ask you a question, after the bombings, spectators, personnel, runners, they all ran toward the trouble instead of away. boston should be proud of themselves. >> absolutely. were not ally bostonians but the majority were. it was remarkable to see people run towards those that were hurting and distressed instead of cowering and fleeing, which would have been understandable. the first responders, the police, the doctors and the nurses, the firefighters. 340nding ourselves that three new york firefighters walked into the jaws of hath on september 11 -- hell on september 11. they are all public employees who take a beating all the time. it is nice to see them recognized for the kind of courage most of us would only wish for. >> there were runners that kept running to go give blood. there were runners that were doctors at the hospital and nurses at the hospital who kept running to go take care of people. i has been used to work there. i thought i was going have to hold him down. boon is a very special city. itbe i am a sap, and
the jerseys off their backs to honor first responders. and at fenway park -- >> what an honor it is for me to be here today. >> reporter: neil diamond made a special appearance to lead the crowd in "sweet caroline." ♪ sweet caroline >> reporter: at hospitals, dozens are still recovering and better news comes each day. >> we are happy to report the amputation patients are nearly completed, and these patients are starting the process of both physical and mental reb habitation which is really going to be the next step in their care. >> reporter: as of tonight 48 remain hospitalized, two in critical condition. not far from here the students of boston university are preparing for a memorial service for grad student lu lingzu who was killed during last week's attacks. brian? >> what a terrible week in boston. katy tur there tonight. thanks. >>> much of the focus of the investigation now concerns the region of the world where these accused brothers once lived. specifically what the older brother did there when he went home for a six-month period. nbc news london-based correspondent adrian mong
- game home winning streak. >>> rainy, miserable, 41 degrees at fenway park. the fans bundled up to watch the giants and the as get to work early on. cocoa chris had three hits. seth smith. hitting one out. they only played seven innings because there was a rain delay. they stopped for a minute and said forget it. bartola with no sleeves. seven innings as the as stop their losing way. it is playoff time for the sharks. after a had our concerns, but it is back in our face. that is joe pavelsyy, then logan coutour. for yourself. >> remain high with the kings, they won't have home ice. they have the tie breaker. >> they are tied right now. hold me back. hold me back. >> goodnight everybody!
. you can never count us out. >> a's and red sox series finale fenway park and young came in 0 for his last 17 and there is a slump buster off john lester. hits the sport authority sign. boston would tie it up and then they take the lead in the fifth. david ortiz and big poppy. he is flying hawaii an. he gave up six runs. in the eighth, more from chris young. he has clout. his second homer of the day and over the green monster and into the parking lot. the a's close to within a run, but they lose it 6-5 and go one and five on this road trip. the sharks had a chance to take sole control of fourth place in the west. couldn't get it done against the phoenix team that has been eliminated from the playoffs. how about romantic hot air balloon ride over the desert. phoenix is playing for pride. this is deflected and off the stick of brad stewart. 2-0 phoenix. it is his 9th of the year, but the scoring would end there for the men in steel. they have one game left in the regular season. that is saturday in l.a. the sharks are clinging to the 5 seed and they will have a chance to finish fourth.
's and red sox series finale fenway park and young came in 0 for his last 17 and there is a slump buster off john lester. hits the sport authority sign. boston would tie it up and then they take the lead in the fifth. david ortiz and big poppy. he is flying hawaii an. he gave up six runs. in the eighth, more from chris young. he has clout. his second homer of the day and over the green monster and into the parking lot. the a's close to within a run, but they lose it 6-5 and go one and five on this road trip. the sharks had a chance to take sole control of fourth place in the west. couldn't get it done against the phoenix team that has been eliminated from the playoffs. how about romantic hot air balloon ride over the desert. phoenix is playing for pride. this is deflected and off the stick of brad stewart. 2-0 phoenix. it is his 9th of the year, but the scoring would end there for the men in steel. they have one game left in the regular season. that is saturday in l.a. the sharks are clinging to the 5 seed and they will have ash fe warriors are back home after scorching the nuggets in the pl
. >>> and talk about a close call. take a look at this one. baseball reporter kelly nash was at fenway park over the weekend when she took this selfy from the outfield only to hear "heads up." it was a foul ball coming right toward her. you can see it right there. it was a near miss, but thankfully she was not hurt. doesn't even look real. >>> to business now and cnbc's kayla tausche. good morning. >> good morning. the fed begins a two-day meeting today widely expected to keep its low interest rate policy for the foreseeable future as the economy remains sluggish, job market weaker than expected and inflation still low. the fed's decision due tomorrow afternoon. >>> in the era of the free first-class upgrade might be over. in their effort to squeeze more cash from passengers, airlines are reportedly auctioning unfilled business class seats to those of us in coach. virgin atlantic and austrian airlines are among those now taking bids for beds. >>> and nielsen is reportedly testing a tool to track online viewing of tv shows. "the wall street journal" says several networks including nbc and fox hav
patriots day game at fenway park when the attack happened. >>> and a boston area athlete is being hailed as a hero for his actions in the wake of the bombing. this is former new england patriot joe andruzzi carrying a woman badly injured in the blast. andruzzi is cancer survivor and organizes a team to race in the marathon every year. andruzzi has three brothers, firefighters that responded to the world trade center on 9/11. when we return, a recap of our top story. we'll take you back to boston for more on the deadly bombings at the marathon. it also repels most ticks before they can attach. the leading brand kills, but doesn't repel. a tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. get veterinarian recommended k9 advantix ii! by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how about...by the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. campbell's. ♪ i rely on the speed and power of claritin-d.asal congestion hit it starts working in just 30 minutes. nothing relieves nasal co
to make your way from fenway park from the baseball game back to the finish line you sometimes feel like you have run a marathon yourself. but all you see are smiling people and now you balance that off against the pictures that you have been showing for the last several hours. >> mike lupica, thank you so much for being with us. some great words after an awful day in a great american city. mike lupica of the new york daily news. back with more of the other news of this day right after this. wawe all know it.... or do we? ♪ if you haven't been here lately, you haven't been. because with 4 parks and so many new things to do, there's a monstrous summer just waiting for your family. and a 4-day theme park ticket is just $64 per day, plus tax. walt disney world. been there. haven't done that. >>> we are back. we'll have more on this situation in boston in a moment. first we wanted to get you caught up on the day's other news including what had been our top story all day until word arrived from boston. that, of course, is the situation in north korea. it remains tense tonight. still no miss
simultaneously with the red sox game being played. you'll get 35,000 people spilling out of fenway park, which is about six city blocks from the finish line on boylston street where thousands upon thousands of people gather to root home their relatives, their friends to see cross the finish line. today, it's a day when the entire city wears a smile. no one goes to work, schoolins e out, kids are abundant within the city. as you indicated, shortly after the winners finish the marathon, normal people come across with their relatives and friends waiting for them and cheering them on. there were two explosions. i speak to an eyewitness standing on the boylston street at the finish line, about 50 yards to his right he heard the first explosion, saw the first explosion and estimates within 10 to 15 seconds later to his left, about 50 yards across the street heard a second explosion that. would place both explosions within about 30 seconds of one another in about a two-block city radius. the explosions appear to be set at low level, on the sidewalk, perhaps in a trash can. that's speculation. perhaps
, not just of the race, but of being alive in boston. when you try to make your way from fenway park from the baseball game back to the finish line you sometimes feel like you have run a marathon yourself. but all you see are smiling people and now you balance that off against the pictures that you have been showing for the last several hours. >> mike lupica, thank you so much for being with us. some great words after an awful day in a great american city. mike lupica of the new york daily news. back with more of the other news of this day right after this. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. this week, a crazy low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces. skip the warehouse. quilted northern is $10.99 for 24 double rolls. and dryer's ice cream is just $2.99. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >>> we are back. we'll have more on this situation in boston in a moment. first we wante
of boston are trying to get back to their regular routine. the red sox. an emotional day at fenway park. >> scouring every state and working to seek find and bring those responsible to justice. >> pregame events also included a moment of silence for monday's victim to salute first responders and police at the park. he took the mike and got the crowd fired up. >> we're learning mer as to why the fbi spoke to the older suspect, tamerlan tsarnaev just a couple of years ago. we're going to get the very latest from washington nx. happening right now at the massachusetts of dart mouth, a vigil for the police officer who was shot to death monday night marking the beginning of the end for the police suspect. we're going to take you there live. and it's now the most doctor recommended, the most preferred and the most studied. so when it comes to getting the most out of your multivitamin, the choice is clear. centrum. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a re
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